Our Story

Estilo Libre is an ethical and fair trade brand founded by Swiss-Peruvian couple Victoria and Nicolas - she brings the Peruvian flair, he brings the Swiss precision. They pride themselves on turning out exciting streetwear and knitwear designs without compromise.


It’s hard to talk about this brand without talking about Peru, which is where it all started. When Nicolas travelled to Peru for the first time he remembers it as love at first sight and Victoria will always have a spot in her heart for Peru as it is part of her. He explains that discovering Peru for him was embracing absolutely everything Peru had to offer. To see the breathtaking sights and also take a look a little deeper and see how Peru is a country of vast diversity.

When they were a young couple they made several trips to Peru. It was during these moments when Nicolas fell in love with Victoria’s country and culture. They then had two kids and decided to move to Peru. Leaving everything behind in Switzerland, stepping out of their comfort zone submerging themselves to a completely new reality. 

Some years later they both decided to quit their jobs to pursue a dream they both had which was to create something meaningful that they could call theirs. They wanted to build their own brand because they wanted their work to have meaning and purpose. 

They have started working with several artisans that embrace Peru’s true artisanal beauty. Their vision was to offer select peruvian products to the European market. At the same time as always recognizing the artisans they work with, ethical commerce and always respecting their values. This is how the brand Estilo Libre came about. An ethical brand focused on creating high quality products focused on what today we call slow-fashion.