The Brand

Estilo Libre is an ethical clothing brand, dedicated to crafting the highest quality knitwear. Made in Peru and designed with Swiss attention to detail. We are committed to creating pieces that we would be proud to wear ourselves. We respect our artisans, the world around us and the people that make it great too.

Why does Estilo Libre define itself as an ethical brand?

Our goal is to manage our brand by doing our best to reduce negative impact on people, animals and our planet. Our vision and objective is to always create pieces we would proudly wear ourselves. 

We work directly with small artisanal workshops carefully selected by us in Peru. The artisans are paid fairly and work in discrimination-free and safe environments. We make sure that the raw materials we buy come from socially responsible companies. 

We personally take care of the quality of the production, it is important for us to follow each step of the process from the design of our collection to the sale to our customer. Some pieces are made entirely by hand and others with the help of machines, but always keeping the spirit of craftsmanship with manual finishing.